Acoustic Treatments

What exactly does smart home mean? It means that your music, movies, lights, HVAC, security and surveillance are all accessible with a simple touch from the devices you want, such as remotes, wall keypads or smart phones.

Today’s home systems can incorporate some, or all, of your electronics into one seamless system. This is something Paulson’s does best.

The Science of Acoustics Makes for Magical Rooms

Some rooms are more challenging than others. It’s important you consider your possibilities for theater acoustics. High ceilings, larger rooms and sheetrock walls can reflect sound and detract from your movies. Dialogue can be difficult to hear and the film’s original audio intent may get muffled or missed altogether.

When our team designs your theater or media room, we take all this into account. We can also calibrate rooms and make proper adjustments to provide the best possible audio reproduction. And, choosing the right furniture and fabrics to absorb sound reflections produces even greater impact.

Acoustic treatments for walls are available in many colors, sizes and styles. We welcome you to call us or visit our showroom to see the many options.