Our Services

At Paulson's AV, we provide complete, personalized electronics sales and service based upon your needs and goals. Whether you seek to pick up the latest OLED TV at our retail store, or want a full electronics design and installation, we are there for you.

We’re also renowned for our custom electronics design and installation. We transform homes and offices into more useable, exciting spaces. This service begins with an initial consultation. We listen to your needs and desires, for today and the future. Our trained specialists from a variety of fields are involved such as sound performance, video technologies and more.

Paulson’s services then carry through to design, wiring, programming, and installation. This results in an electronic system that will exceed your expectations and fit in perfectly with your life. We’re authorized to sell an array of the best-performing products that fit most any budget.

Each custom project is assigned a Paulson’s Project Manager, who ensures things run smoothly with focus on your satisfaction. They coordinate all participants and products in your job, whether it is a simple flat screen installation or a complex job spanning many technologies, companies and spaces.

Just as your vehicle needs periodic maintenance and, over time, replacement of parts, the same is true with electronics. Our customers are for life. Paulson’s scheduled maintenance ensures your products are always operating at peak performance.

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