If you’re interested in the ultimate theater viewing experience at home, there are incredible display options to choose from these days.


So how do you decide if a big screen TV, 4K OLED TV or a video projector is right for you? This can be lots of fun! But it’s also important to choose the right display type and size for your space and entertainment goals. This is where our decades of experience really shine through.

The Perfect Projection for Epic Entertainment

Significant improvements in projection technology can give you an awesome picture with plenty of light and impact for a fraction of the cost compared to five years ago. Front projectors get better all the time and can now provide a huge picture that remains sharp, vibrant and clear. If you can fit it and you want that life-size image of your favorite action hero, a projector may be the way to go. Some even come in the latest 4K for a decent price, and we carry the greatest selection.

In the end, the decision comes down to you, the size of the room and how you’ll use it. We can look at your space and discuss the best option that will bring your family (or business) years of excitement.

You imagine it – then let us bring your entertainment to life on the big screen!

Projectors Provide the Perfect Viewing Experience

We help you determine if your room should have a large OLED TV or a projector for the perfect viewing experience.

Stunning Screens from Stewart Filmscreen

Screen placement and size is critical to the entire theater experience. We engineer the right solution based on your room size and entertainment goals.

The Latest in Brilliant 4K OLED TVs

Come see us at our showroom, where you can experience the newest 4K TVs starting at 43” up to a 122″ Sony 4K projector.  

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