Smart Lighting and Shades

Lighting can have a profound impact on your atmosphere, mood and even your wellbeing. Today’s lighting offers state-of-the-art technology such as LED bulbs, colored bulbs, natural light options, gorgeous fixtures and complete control from anywhere.

Solutions for Every Space

Our lighting systems provide you with complete control over the light in your spaces with lights and shades. This adds to the look of your home by eliminating wall switches and replacing them with stylish keypads. We can design lighting and shading to complement your interior design and artwork. You can use your smartphone to dim a light in a room or have shades lower and lights come on automatically at specific times of the day.

Paulson’s offers solutions from the world leaders in lighting, shades and control including Control4 and Lutron. This means you’ll get the elegance, performance and ease-of-use you deserve. Plus, you’ll save energy while you’re at it. We’ve designed breathtaking lighting and shade solutions for thousands of clients. Reach out, and our team will help you design the best system to meet your needs for today – and tomorrow.

Smart Lighting And Shades

At bedtime, press a button for lights to go to a preset level while all the shades drop - automatically.

Shades that Complement Your Décor and Life

Designer custom shade fabrics and on-wall keypads can provide the finishing touches to your home. And, all shades are controlled with newfound ease.

Lighting to Reveal a Whole New Atmosphere

Today's lighting control lets you press a button and immediately set all the lights just right for a party or a relaxing night at home.

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