In a home theater, unique lighting sets the mood for entertaining and can dramatically complement the show or concert video. If family or guests can’t figure out how to dim the lights and turn on the movie, suddenly the WOW factor drops.



Awesome lighting can make a home theater more powerful and entertaining. At Paulson’s, we place the perfect lighting where it makes the most sense. And, we plan control options to suit your style whether it’s a remote control, a brilliant touch screen or your smartphone – any of these can take your finger press to dim the lights and start that magical moment.

We are authorized to offer solutions from the world leaders in lighting and control – Lutron and Control4. These brands come together in a way that you’ll be amazed. Imagine in the middle of the movie, you press pause on a sleek remote and the lights slowly raise to just the right room level and light a path to the door for a snack break. These are some customized options available with our theater lighting and controls.

If you’re ready to make the investment in entertainment and ambience, we can bring you a system that represents all you ever imagined.