Professional Partnerships

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond our own products and services - we partner with the best builders, designers, remodelers, architects and other professionals in our community to bring exceptional experiences to our clients and theirs.

We partner with the best builders/remodelers, architects, interior designers and skilled trades professionals in Metro Detroit to expertly design and seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into custom residential and commercial projects. Since 1992 we’ve been industry leaders in home entertainment and technology, and our partners share our enthusiasm for progress and professionalism.


How We Add Value for Our Partners

At Paulson’s, we are on the forefront of smart home, audio, video and network technology and specialize in custom projects for sophisticated homeowners and business owners in Metro Detroit and beyond. Our professional partnerships are an extension of our commitment to bringing ultimate value to our clients – by selecting the best builders, remodelers, architects, designers, landscape designers, real estate agents and others to work alongside us, we give our clients a seamless experience.

As low voltage specialists, our contributions to residential and commercial spaces lay the foundation for a space that provides highest function without compromising aesthetic vision or lifestyle. When the project is completed, we won’t walk away – we will be there with education, service, support and upgrades for years to come, so you can trust that your clients are going to be taken care of however their needs may change.

If you are in build + design or related industries, we’d love to hear about your areas of expertise and explore what synergy may exist between our teams. We are collaborative professionals always looking for quality, long-term relationships and offer a variety of special programs and benefits for our partners.  Use our contact form or call us to start the conversation.

We offer a wide range of technology solutions to meet your clients’ needs, including:

Whether it's new construction, a remodel, or an addition, our team will work with you from concept to completion and beyond, ensuring that each project is true to its vision, is completed on time, and continues to be supported for years to come as technology and needs may change.

How We Help Our Clients

We make home your favorite place to be with the latest and greatest technology to support your lifestyle and entertainment needs. From the initial conversation with our sales team to designing your project, to working with your other professionals to project end, and beyond, we are with you every step of the way in bringing your vision to life.

Our portfolio offers a peek into some of our favorite projects, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to having Metro Detroit’s largest display of TVs and a showroom with a wide range of audio/video vignettes and smart home demonstration spaces, we specialize in custom projects that think outside the box and take our products to a new level. Our access to the best brands and our years of experience come together every day to give our clients solutions they never even dreamed were possible.

Are you considering or planning to build or remodel a home? Use our contact form or call us to explore what’s possible for your project. We’ll work with any professionals who are already on your project, or we are happy to introduce you to our partners if you are looking to build the right team for your project.

Working with Us

Working in the early steps of the project at hand allows us to seamlessly blend electronics into the aesthetic preferences & lifestyle of the homeowner. Whether you’re the homeowner or a professional working on a project, we recommend getting us involved during the PM&E (plumbing, mechanical, and electrical) phase; involve us in the beginning when the designs are still being developed to guarantee the results you deserve!

Design & Build

As members of several elite professional organizations and lifelong learners, we're well equipped to help you with a range of needs on your project. With our own in-house sales, design, integration, service and support teams, Paulson’s is a one-stop-shop for our clients and partners alike. If you need a resource for your project, you've come to the right place.

We host regular training sessions and lunch and learn events for the community at large and our partners, update our blog with design + build related news, and also include industry-related information in our monthly newsletter with original and curated content. Our goal is to help you stay informed about the latest in the home technology trends your clients care about, so please sign up for our emails, visit our events calendar and contact us to be invited to future events.

We are proud to partner with these industry-leading professionals:

Brandywine Builders

California Closets

Christian Tennant Custom Homes

Compo Builders

Gittleman Construction

Gordon Builders

Guidobono Building Company

Hughes Builders

Imagine Design & Build

Main Street Homes

Mark Electronics

Mike Miller Builders

Simmons Design Co.

State Street Blinds & Design

The Computer Guys

Tobias Construction

Vantage Construction

Vistal Homes

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