Networks & Wi-Fi

Sit on the patio and enjoy a streaming movie while your spouse is working in the home office with Pandora music in the background. Today’s homes and offices have countless devices and multiple people connecting at all times of the day and night. Security and reliability have grown to be critical. More products rely on a robust Wi-Fi network such as smartphones, tablets, audio and video products, thermostats, control systems and more.

Smart Home


The proper design, products and installation are key in acquiring your rock-solid network that operates 24/7 – with no down time. And one that spans your entire property, inside and out. A network must allow for expansion to accommodate any future innovations as they are added.

At Paulson’s A/V, we know networks. We design and deliver only the best in network technology to meet all these demands. We can provide the advanced infrastructure and Wi-Fi required to ensure your products and streaming media are always on. Even your guests can easily use the network, but not access any of your personal data.

Reach out, and we can explore what will work best for you.