Discover Home Theater

Lights dim, a screen drops and your favorite action movie starts. The entire room is filled with breathtaking images and incredible sound. The latest technologies in home theater will truly astound you.

Paulson’s roots are in grounded in the best audio and video components, so we know just how to deliver that magical experience through a full plan starting with the A/V products and carrying through to one-touch control of every aspect of your entertainment.

Smart Home Control

Powerful Projectors Provide the Perfect View

We help you determine if your room should have a large OLED TV or a projector for the perfect viewing experience.

Stewart Filmscreen Directors Choice

The right screen makes all the difference

Screen placement and size is critical to the entire theater experience. We engineer the right solution based on your room size and entertainment goals.


Big, bold audio requires the proper components to match

From powerful processors to the latest in high-performance amps, we know how to put all the right components together to make the magic happen.


Interested in having that realistic, powerful theater experience? Let us create a special place at home where you can enjoy popcorn from a machine as you enter, sit back in the latest plush theater seats and bring friends and family together for memorable movie nights. We design both dedicated home theaters and multi-purpose entertainment rooms.

A home theater is much more than various A/V products. Our team designs the acoustics and speaker placement, soundproofing, proper screen size for your space, and specialty theater seating. You’ll enjoy an all-encompassing experience – just as the filmmaker intended.

With a Paulson’s Home Theater system, you’ll control movies, music and concert videos, and all your entertainment from a touch on a remote, panel, or your wireless tablet or smartphone. The power of what we do is found in that moment when you touch a button that says “Movie” and lights dim, curtains open and the screen lowers smoothly, while you sit back and get ready to enjoy the show.