What exactly does smart home mean? It means that your music, movies, lights, HVAC, security and surveillance are all accessible with a simple touch from the devices you want, such as remotes, wall keypads or smart phones.

Today's home systems can incorporate some, or all, of your electronics into one seamless system. This is something Paulson's does best.


Lutron LIghting

Lighting for Life

Today’s lighting is more than a lamp on a table or dimmer switch on the wall. The right lighting can set the mood, accentuate artwork, make your home look lived in when you’re away. One touch sets the ideal atmosphere for an evening by the fire.

Smart Home, Television

Stunning Video Systems

Watch your favorite movie from Netflix, AppleTV or your own Blu-ray player in any – or every – room. See it on a stunning, state-of-the-art flat panel TV and amaze your guests. With our high-def displays, you may feel like you’re watching TV for the first time.

Audio & Video Entertainment

Home Security from Anywhere

Modern security can include a traditional security panel, but also can alert you when the kids get home or any door opens. Security systems can tie into other technologies like cameras, motion recording and more.


Press a button to set music and lights throughout the house for a party. Or, when you wake up to a chilly day, reach for your phone on the nightstand and warm the house as designer shades raise slowly. Even choose an icon to arm the security system from across the room – or across the globe.

Home control like this makes daily activities far more convenient and fun, allowing you to focus on other things. We offer turnkey design and installation for new and existing homes, including the proper network so you’ll be in command today – and in the future.

Transforming your spaces to follow and function as you live, is truly taking your lifestyle to a whole new level. This is more than an “out of the box” approach. Since 1992, we’ve been taking the latest technologies and bringing them together into one powerful, easy-to-use system for our clients throughout Detroit.

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