Audio Systems

As important as the video display for your home theater, the proper audio components, placement and acoustic engineering for the room can make all the difference to your one-of-kind entertainment experience. If you’re looking to fully appreciate Hollywood movies and riveting concerts at home, let our experts help design the perfect system just for you.

Big, Bold Audio to accompany the Big Screen

Some of today’s top companies are part of each step of filmmaking. As such, movies and media are created using audio technologies that will truly astound you when heard on a high-performance system. To get the full effect of audio, meticulously-designed speakers and quality subwoofers can be incorporated and placed in the right spot. In-wall speakers and subwoofers deliver stunning fidelity and blend in perfectly with your décor or disappear into the walls.

Next, you’ll want premium surround sound processors and amplifiers to drive your high-fidelity speakers. We can do complete acoustic design, calibration and even soundproofing of the room so you’ll enjoy realistic, room-filling audio and keep it from interfering with other parts of your home.


Surround Sound Speakers Provide Stunning Sound

The heart of a great sound system is the speaker package. We offer small bookshelf speakers up to the most gorgeous designs with stunning sound that delivers music as if the artist were in the room.

Big, bold audio requires the proper components to match

From powerful processors to the latest in high-performance amps, we know how to put all the right components together to make the magic happen.

Power Amps – The Driving Force For a Great System

Power amps help reveal the maximum musical involvement from LPs to the latest high-res audio files and beyond. We put the power behind the speakers you need.

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