Speakers come in a remarkable assortment of options, sizes and quality, so you can choose exactly what you want to suit your musical experience and décor.

Sonance, Invisible speakers

The Perfect Projection for Epic Entertainment

We present the finest in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that can create that magical sound all around and be a centerpiece of your home, or blend in and disappear right into the walls and ceilings.

Our quality subwoofers range in size and sound, so you never sacrifice performance, yet can fit audio entertainment in anywhere you want. We can even add an entire speaker system right onto your TV for superior sound and the ultimate in space saving.

If you have just completed painting or have an older home, we can show you awesome wireless music and speaker systems that deliver premium sound with no hassle, wires or cutting of walls.

Floorstanding, loudspeakers

The Best Loudspeaker Around for Powerful Sound

Floorstanding, incredible-sounding loudspeakers. See the finest available right in our store. You'll experience every nuance from every set and pick the ones you like best.


Fill Every Room with Wireless Music

Add audio virtually anywhere with wireless music players, wireless subwoofers and add a soundbar right onto your TV.

Paradigm Outdoor speakers

Amplify Your Outdoor Spaces

The largest display of the best in TV's Speakers and Audio equipment and technologies in Metro Detroit.

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