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Discover Audio/Video

Discover Audio & Video

  Regular Business Hours Paulson’s presents a range of the world’s finest components for enjoying the wonders of music and video at home. Music has always been a part of our lives. It helps us celebrate special moments such as graduation and weddings. For some, music is therapy for relaxation. For others, it takes entertaining to a new level of fun. …

Home Theater

Discover Home Theater

  Regular Business Hours Lights dim, a screen drops and your favorite action movie starts. The entire room is filled with breathtaking images and incredible sound. The latest technologies in home theater will truly astound you. Paulson’s roots are in grounded in the best audio and video components, so we know just how to deliver that magical experience through a …

Smart Home Control

Discover Smart Home

  SMART HOME CONTROL What exactly does smart home mean? It means that your music, movies, lights, HVAC, security and surveillance are all accessible with a simple touch from the devices you want, such as remotes, wall keypads or smart phones. Today’s home systems can incorporate some, or all, of your electronics into one seamless system. This is something Paulson’s does …