The Ford Audiophile Club’s Experience at Music Matters 2021

We are grateful to our friends & clients in the Ford Audiophile Club for being our guests for Music Matters 2021, and for this wonderful piece in their newsletter. Read on to hear about the experience! -The Paulson’s Team

Paulson’s “Music Matters” Virtual Event

by Don Bilger

The COVID-19 pandemic has been rough on many segments of the U.S. economy. Retail has been hit particularly hard, with many small businesses struggling or folding because of forced shutdowns, social distancing restrictions that limit store traffic, and frightened customers whose fear of COVID exposure keeps them from doing much shopping.

The good folks at Paulson’s Audio & Video in Farmington Hills found an exciting way to keep their business going and their customers engaged in the audio and video hobby. In late February they staged a “Music Matters” virtual event with keynote product presentations by some of the best manufacturers in the business and offered all the sessions as free Zoom meetings. Out of curiosity I signed up for my free ticket through Eventbrite and attended keynote sessions by Denon and Marantz, Sonos, McIntosh, Sonance, and Bowers & Wilkins.

“How did it work out?” I hear you ask. In my opinion it was a great success. The product presentations were consistently interesting, the presenters fielded questions that attendees submitted through the chat window in the Zoom app, and the staff at Paulson’s – especially Emily Karlichek, the company’s Director of Marketing and Outreach – did a superb job of communicating with the cyberspace audience and coordinating the event.

Paulson’s even provided each attendee with a free amenity box containing a McIntosh mouse pad, a bottle opener and a zipper bag with the Paulson’s logo, a Paulson’s / GoldenEar travel mug, an AudioQuest carbon fiber record brush, and a 20%-off coupon good through March 13 on in-store purchases. The staff at Paulson’s has taken pains to make the store as COVID-safe as possible so audio- and video-philes can shop there with confidence.

Did I mention the door prizes? Each session that a visitor attended gave him or her an entry in the prize drawing. The prizes were a Sonance Patio Series outdoor audio system valued at $2000, a Sonos Move all-weather wireless speaker valued at $399, and a Bowers and Wilkins custom vinyl collector’s box valued at $130. Those are impressive prizes for the lucky folks who won in the drawing, but they’re only a small sample of the outstanding product lines that Paulson’s offers its customers every day. Check out the Paulson’s Web site at for more information about the company, the great gear it offers, and future events on the company calendar.

(submitted by Don Bilger)