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Last year, most of us spent more time at home, and hopefully found ways to enjoy it. Home theaters are a great way to enjoy time on your own or to bring the family together for movies, shows, sports, gaming, and more!

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Even though TVs keep getting bigger (we carry up to 86″!), nothing beats a projector when it comes to recreating that movie theater viewing experience. Our projection pairings (projector + screen) can give you a 200″ viewing area or larger, depending on your space! Some things to consider when upgrading to a projector:

Lighting: Projectors work best in little to no light environments, so its best to pick a room for your home theater with few windows, especially for movies.  Blackout shades, low lights, and other adjustments can also be made. Our offerings from Control4 can automate a theater room to get it set up for different viewing activities with the touch of a button!

Space: Obviously screen size options will depend on the size of the room you’re in, but the right projector for you will be based on several factors, including the room size, seating arrangements, and more.

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Lifestyle: How frequently you plan to use your projector is also worth taking into account. Most projectors use a bulb (lamp) with a half-life of generally 2,000-5,000 hours; half-life is the point in which the lamp’s brightness has diminished by 50%. A lamp will still work past its half-life, but it will continue to gradually lose brightness. When you replace the lamp (which users are able to do easily, no need for a service call), the picture quality will again have like-new brightness. Keep in mind, projectors use special high-pressure bulbs that cost between $200 and $500, so while it is a simple swap, it isn’t a cheap quick fix. To give you an idea of usage ballparks, if you’re mostly using your projector setup for a couple of movies a week (around 8 hours/week), you’ll get 4-5 years out of a 2000 hour lamp.

Brands: We carry some of the best projectors on the market for every budget! Visit us today to see the latest and greatest offerings from industry leaders like Sony & Epson.

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